woensdag 3 juni 2015

Nieuw verschenen: "Introduction to international commercial and European law"

This book covers the most important legal issues when conducting business abroad. The first part covers European law with a focus on the institutions of the European Union, the four freedoms and competition law. The second part focuses on individual international contracts. This part starts with the legal environment of the business transaction. The political and policy risks of doing business abroad are explained, as well as how they should be addressed. It continues with entry strategies in foreign markets and then goes on to focus on the individual contract of sale. A wide range of subjects are covered, including general conditions of sale, retention of title, the CISG, product safety and product liability, Incoterms, contract of carriage, jurisdiction, choice of law and arbitration, standard contract clauses and payment conditions. This book takes a practical approach and contains examples and exercises. The book does not pretend to be the ultimate guide: the field of international commercial law in particular is vast, and has many different angels. However, it does try to explain the main pitfalls of doing business in foreign countries and how to avoid them. Additional information about the book can be found on: www.iclandeulaw.com. Mr. M.W. Mosselman has written two other legal text books: - on legal skills Juridische vaardigheden voor het Hoger Onderwijs, www.juridischevaardigheden.nl - and on sports law Inleiding sport en recht, www.inleidingsportenrecht.nl Both are in Dutch.

The book is for for sale HERE

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